What is BankID?

BankID is an electronic identification that you use online and works in the same way as a driver's license or passport in the physical world. In the electronic world, BankID can be used to identify who you are. You can use BankID to, for example, log in to the internet bank or sign documents.

BankID with code unit or app

When you use BankID, you identify yourself with your social security number together with a code snippet or app, and the personal password you have chosen. If you are wondering if you have a BankID or you want to create one, you can contact your bank, or log in to your personal internet bank.

BankID on mobile

With BankID on mobile, you only need your mobile phone when logging in to, for example, your internet bank. With BankID on your mobile you identify yourself by filling in your mobile number, date of birth and your self-selected PIN. 

How long is BankID valid?

The validity of your BankID varies depending on the type of BankID you have. Check in your private internet bank how long your BankID lasts, and remember to get a new BankID before the other one expires.

Security with BankID

BankID is a personal electronic identification, and it is therefore important that you handle your BankID in a secure manner. Do not share your BankID password with others, not even family members. Use a unique password that you do not use anywhere else. Change password if you suspect that someone knows your password, on BankID.no. Double check that it says the correct recipient when you identify yourself and approve payments.